What to do after a car accident is not your fault

Topic: What to do after a car accident is not your fault

Do you want to know what to do after an accident that is not your fault and can save you from expensive compensation or any legal issues?

 If you are already dealing with any insurer, which is very stressful.

But now, you need to contact the driver insurer, even if you do not know where you have to start.

 Then in this article, we will provide you with complete guidelines on what to do after a car accident, not your fault.

The first step you need to take when you are in a car accident but not your fault:

In case you are involved in any car accident,

then there are many certain steps which you need to take to protect your case interests, such as the driver doesn’t report the car accident or Giving a wrong statement about how the accident happened.


What to do after the car accident immediately?

Firstly, try to stay as much income as you can.

 Then, you need to check that everything is alright and get medical treatment if you are not.

 Also, you need to call an emergency Medical Centre to attend to the injured victims.

However, Do not move with the injured person until the situation is necessary.

Move with all involved vehicles to one side of the road to avoid other car crashes or traffic.


Collect the information of accident scene

What to do after a car accident is not your fault

If any car crash was clearly the fault of another driver, then the driver must report the incident.

But, keep in mind that you do not trust them to make reports. Even you may only be able to prove that the accident happened with evidence.

This is the main engine which you should need to collect before leaving the car accident scene.

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The whole following information might serve as the car accident-proof.

  • Name, address, license number of the driver, and fault.
  • The fault driver insurance company name
  • Fault driver insurance policy number
  • Name, address of the witness, phone number, and all their statements about the accident.
  • Click the picture of the accident scene, show all side damages, an at-fault driver license number.

Immediately call to police

In any case, the car accident was a Fender Bender or serious accident.

 Then you need to call 911. even the police account will record the part, and with the help of speed police report along with your claim of insurance.

 Stay on the car incident scene and take to the cops, which will make only your case, only when the car accident was not your fault.

In the middle of the road, a car accident occurred, then vehicles should move out from the floor of the traffic.

 Otherwise, The passenger and driver should remain in the vehicle and turn on their Vehicle hazard lights until police have not arrived.


Do you have to call the police?

In case of dent or scratch, then you do not need to call the police;

most of the state-required Any accident to be reported to the police.

If you are able to estimate the damage to be worth more than 1000 dollars or if there are any people injured, then definitely you need to call the police.


Relevant information of exchange

What to do after a car accident is not your fault

 Whenever you consider What to do after a car accident that is not your fault,

you should know the other driver insurance company information,

which will become very impressive if you want the damages like car repair to be covered and medical bills.

Always keep in mind to get this information, even you think this is a minor car accident:

  • Phone number, address, name
  •  insurance company of contact information
  • Driver license
  •  plate number
  •  policy number


This will streamline your car insurance claim even if it helps Tu to your attorney, should you decide to hire a lawyer after a car accident.


Collect all the information from any witness in a car accident

Mostly, witness I just pass by wherever the car accident happens.

 Until you get their contact information, otherwise, They will disappear into the Ether.

 Also, get their immediate thoughts which occurred, this can also help to support the car accident which was not your fault.

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However, write down their bad numbers for officers who arrived at your car accident scene as well as the ambulance contact information.


After the accident, get the witness’s contact information.

You should not discover anything particular about a crash with anyone except the medical professionals and lawyers.

 Also, consider not to talk with other drivers ( accept to exchange information).


Accident scene photograph 

This is especially important if law enforcement doesn’t show up or if you are certain of any car accident which was not your fault.

 Then, Do not forget to take videos or photos on your Cell phone.

The weather, environment, car accident scene, injuries, ka damages, license plates – whatever you can think which is relevant with car accidents.

Here is the evidence checklist, which can be a good starting point whenever you’re starting to collect important information pieces.

Your insurance company registered will also like to need everything on that list,

so create your list, which makes sense to start as soon as possible.


Follow up

If the car accident doesn’t result in any damages or injuries, law enforcement might not respond to any scene.

 It’s implemented. You should need a file report on the department of motor vehicle’ website so there any recorded paper will trail.


Why should you contact your insurance company, even if the accident was not your fault?

To review your personal Policy before calling to consider, you know what is covered and what should not.

 You can work with your registration to consider that the other driver coordinates insurance with your own,

by this way, All the damages will be covered faster and more efficiently.


Contact the Attorney

If in case you are a victim of a car accident, even if the accident was a minor level, then definitely you should not have to pay for any injuries or damages.

 An attorney of car crashes is preparing to represent you in court to recover all losses.

If you feel that you need more ammunition into your side corner and have any questions, then contact your car accident attorney right now.


Record All events in writing at your home

After the car accident, if you don’t have any serious damages or injuries,

then you may be able to go home then should immediately write the essential details of the car accident.


 give information to your Auto Insurance Company

As you know, the Injuries recommend calling your insurer ASAP!

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 Because most of the accidents happen, you do not know the complete details of the car crash.

 You may also be partially responsible for that accident.

 Additionally, At-fault Insurance Company driver night fails to cover all treatment of victims and the property damage for bills that happens during that accident.

If the other driver denied the insurer responsible for that accident, then definitely you need to contest with treatment and property damage expenses.

If your fault is partially, then your auto insurer may have to cover all the claims of collision for costs of vehicle repairing.


Maybe you need to choose to Sue the At-fault Drivers Insurer.

Basically, at-fault driver insurers cover any damages, treatment bills, and replacement for any injuries that happen while in a car accident.

 But most of the insurers can deny the responsibility of their accident policyholder and refuse to damage expenses for paying.

 When this happens with you, then find Law say about your Auto Insurer, which can choose to cover any financial losses about the victim accident,

 and sued an at-fault driver Insurance Company.

In case if you hire a lawyer, it would not hurt to see the other driver on behalf of the insurer.

 If the medical and repairing cost of damage incurred is lower than the lawyer hiring cost, then you do not have to contest the matter legally.

 Always try to weigh your choices clearly before deciding about your accident compensation.

Accident victims in no-fault states can use Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage to cover the remainder of their medical bills.


What to Do If You Lose Your Vehicle in a No-Fault Accident

What to do after a car accident is not your fault

If a driver ruins your car in a no-fault accident, they’ll have to pay you the cost of the car in cash.

In this situation, the actual price of your vehicle is the amount it would have cost if it were totaled.

According to insure.com, insurers calculate the cost of a car in the format: replacement cost minus depreciation cost.

The replacement cost is the price for buying a similar model of the damaged car.

The depreciation cost is the cost by which your vehicle has depreciated over the years.

Also, the at-fault driver must cover the sales tax on your replacement car.


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