7 Ultimate Reasons to Use Illustrations on Website – Examples Of How To Do It

Topic: Reasons to Use Illustrations on Website – And Examples Of How To Do It


Are you tired of finding photos for your website? Don’t worry, here’s the simple answer for you: Try Illustrations.

This post will show you reasons to use illustrations on your website and Examples of How to Do It.

If you have a web design company, or maybe you are building a new website, 

There are several reasons Why you need to use illustrations on your website:


1. Photograph Can’t Represent Your Brand

If you tried before to find a brand photo or faced a hard time choosing one, something which exactly shows your brand who you are and what they did.

But sadly, photographers aren’t able to represent the brand.

It simply happens because there are several reasons:

It can happen when the subject itself is too difficult to photograph.

To understand this, Copywriters will be good examples, as they can get someone to photograph them while typing far away on their computer, but there isn’t anything exciting about that.

A photograph would also be more simple shot the task writing of mundane, which the client would be trying to ignore.

If you take a look at the copywriter two pre-built site, and you will see that an illustrative style is the better way to approach this:

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The design is striking, and the words are powerful, and the illustrative touches add a unique touch to the overall look.


2. To Approach Unique, the Brand should be Unique

Reasons to Use Illustrations on Website

Every brand has its own personality or styling, but it can be super hard for consumers to identify similar solutions without its unique edge.

However, many companies have some styles that are out there; it simply means some of the web design companies can get thrown out the window by some traditional rules.

When the illustrations and photographs blend, then there are chances to see this happening.

Furthermore, This also allows brands with an imaginative, edgy, surreal, or whimsical leverage to look to the traditional design elements while shaking things up.


3. Company Tries to stand out from Photo Strewn Websites

In specific industries, the expectation on their website will have a similar look to them.

Take the hospitality and travel industries because they are in the selling business in-person experiences – and they want to tell stories about them. You would figure out that their photos are not only their options for those websites.

Also, the prior website comparison with their supply amongst similar companies and using their illustrations will be the best things to set them apart.


4. When the Company wants to Leverage Style of Brand that Consumers Trust

Most of the time, customers or brand new companies enter high-risk spaces.

Then the design of their website to be reminiscent of well-established companies that customers already trust.

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In that way, there are many unconscious associations in prospects’ minds between two companies, or it eases the doubts and concerns that mainly arise when working with the new company.


5. When a Creator Has to Share interesting Story of Work 

Reasons to Use Illustrations on Website

Although you will get some web design companies, who use photos of themselves or their teams on their websites, creative types often use illustrations.

This is the solid reason you should use illustrations on your website because it is another way to flex their creative muscles and show prospective clients what they are looking for.

The second most powerful reason you need to use illustrations on your website is that unless they haven’t a larger team and have an exciting look studio and work from, photos will not be the best way to capture what they do.

Let’s understand by example: If you use illustrations and animations to give your website an 80s styling look.

Unless the band members are in their dressing up, a habit such as rockers from the 80s, and the photos would not exactly capture what the music style with the band plays.

But this unique or unforgettable illustrative style certainly does or also provides useful in drawing attention to the music.

In addition, to give dramatic or intriguing website looks, it will be interactive too.

This is almost enough to emulate the website experience of going to look at that art.


6. When Company Sells Resources and Smart App

Those companies sell the “Smart” tools to users who commonly design their website with their illustrations instead of photographers.

These types of companies are not selling any products by themselves.

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While inside experiences and app or device usage matter,

They focus on selling on their solution website to their consumer’s problems, which often involves managing the data load.

As you know, these things aren’t easy to depict with photos.

Although, the solid reason to use illustration on your website is that vector graphics and geometric styling are great ways to show your website stand out or be stable with a logical feel.


7. When brand Audience is Kids (or Their Parents)

Reasons to Use Illustrations on Website

This can also be a solid reason to use illustrations on your website. 

If you consider how comfortable children are with their games, cartoons, or applications, an illustrative style is more relatable.

To reach these types of audience or even their parents too.

You may need to argue that illustrations are presented in a manner that’s easier for kids to understand because of how excellent illustrations can simplify a complex subject.

Maybe you think the illustrations are the universal language,

but if the stories are any other languages like German, Japanese or Italian,

then only the illustrations will help you to understand the story.

However, many types of organizations that serve the primary illustration language try to strengthen their sales pitch.

The illustrations on their website will provide you with the youthful and fun quality, 

Because of this particular part on the homepage, the illustrations are static images. Even the parent’s and kids’ pages will encounter them with animated graphics,

It help to bring a more light-hearted touch to their website.


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