Tumblr Deleted – Easy & Useful Methods to View Deleted Tumblr Blogs

Topic: Tumblr Deleted – Easy & Useful Methods to View Deleted Tumblr Blogs



In this article – [TUMBLR DELETED] Sharing EASY & USEFUL methods to view deleted Tumblr Blogs in a few steps.

But before, did you know – Having Presence in social media platforms.

It simply means you want to try or expose the thoughts and life-sharing content.

how to see deleted tumblr blogs –  Maybe you deleted your content for some of your reasons, but if you want to view your deleted Tumblr blogs.

Also, To get the answer of, how to see deleted tumblr posts somebody else’s.

Whatever the reason, this post will give what you are looking for exactly (Tumblr deleted- the best ways to view Tumblr blogs).

So, without delay — Let’s see the how to view deleted tumblr blogs method. 


Deleted Tumblr Viewer – How to View deactivated Tumblr blog posts 

Tumblr is one of the best platforms to share various kinds of media like others Facebook, Instagram, or much more.

This is a great social media company until any adult content isn’t appearing by a few accounts.

That’s why this is the primary reason to purge or delete any posts. That shows the depicted sensitive content.

However, Tumblr’s delete policy is similar to other social media. 

It is the same because Tumblr does not delete any posts from their own servers.

Here’s the best way to view deactivated Tumblr blog posts.


How to use Web Archive to view Tumblr deleted blogs

This method is very common to take advantage of and get back any content, and it helps to bring back to the internet archive.

The web archive is a kind of digital library, and it provides everyone with free access to their huge digital archived material collections.

From the web archive, there is no restriction to use anything from website content to any apps, softwares, media files, games, etc.

In addition, if you want to download any files from the internet, then the internet web archive gives them their digital material.

However, to use the services in the archive as well as retrieve any digital files, no matter whatever the file is.

Its Wayback machine is the main tool that helps to store entire data from the web crawlers. 

To get back or know how to view deleted tumblr posts, only it needs to type in the post URL. then just hit “Browser History.”

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How to use App cached Version?

To get back, or see deleted tumblr posts, and many users have complaints/reports. All users report how they have managed and get back their deleted posts.

But sadly, this is not a guarantee they will get back.

First of all, To get any deleted post, you need an exact deleted URL.

If you have, then go and type the default browser address and add the “Cache” before the URL.

The Tumblr deleted post will appear only when the backup version is available.

Note: This method only works when deleted posts backup available (it requires) cache.


Manual method to watch Tumblr deleted posts

Using this method needs a backup that gives retrieval access to the posts.

Just follow these steps:

  • Log in the Tumblr 
  • Open the post that needs to be backed up.
  • Now, Press on the gear/settings icon.
  • Then, choose or select “Open.”
  • Finally, Choose the <html> icon and look for the HTML code of posts.
  • At last, Get a successful backup, post the exact code into a text file. 


How to watch deleted Tumblr blogs? 

Here’s the way to view deleted Tumblr blogs posts using a backup file:

  • Backup of Manual Posts
  • Huge collection Post backup using Jammy Tool/software.
  • Get back Tumblr blog using the Google Cache version.
  • Get the Backup with Tumblr Log web application
  • With cPanel Tool
  • Page – Nest
  • Try to use the black window tool
  • Take into use offline Enterprise explorer
  • Mail to Tumblr customer support


How to get a huge collection of Tumblr Deleted blog posts backup?

Generally, there are various tools available online to get back up a huge number of posts from Tumblr.

It is also one of the best tools to get back up among the versions.

The best part of this amazing tool is Free & popular. This software will help to recover all Tumblr deleted posts back, but some of them back via using HTML code.

Let’s introduce this tool known as “Jammy.” This is one of the best kinds of tools that provides the backup features of the posts.

Only, it requires the HTML code or Looks at all Tumblr deleted posts.

Moreover, using a jammy tool, users will be able to draw the HTML code. It gives access to around 500 blogs from Tumblr.

Furthermore, while saving, jammy tools have the feature to compress the text size as ZIP format. 

Also, it allows massive amounts of file storage at once.


How to View Tumblr deleted blog posts using Google cached version?

It is also a possible way to view the deleted blog post – Just give it a try.

Maybe you can get Access Tumblr deleted blog post.

To use this method, open the default browser.

 then, type in address bar “Cache:” then URL

In case Google cached versions have a backup of deleted posts. Then it will redirect to a deleted Tumblr post.



This is also a useful tool to get back Tumblr deleted posts.

It is most useful to schedule post platforms that give access to users’ queues on their blog posts, even give analytics services.

Also, users can post up to more than 300 posts in a time within an interval of customizable.

Similar to bonus, you can delete posts retrieve.

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However, similar to other variants of get-back Tumblr posts, they have to be stored anywhere else.

Only restore blog posts able to get back in the queue.



Feedly is also a great tool to view Tumblr deleted posts easily using the Feedly tool.

Feedly has the feature to read RSS that gives store copies of webpages and metadata few in an RSS feed.


Using Tumblr – How to Log Backup with a Web App?

After using this powerful tool, get all Tumblr deleted posts in just one HTML file.

Just follow these steps to execute to see the deleted posts:

  • Fill the Tumblr Username
  • Just select the File type and Number to restore.
  • Save HTML file in Disc.
  • While getting backup, users will be able to retrieve tumb-log from blogs.


How to use Cpanel to view & recover lost Tumblr posts?

Cpanel provides backup in entire websites, and a user can recover with lost Tumblr posts only for backup files.

To Mac Users

To Mac users, get back their Tumblr posts using their accessible tool by Tumblr.

This will help to store the blog content on various devices and copy it into CD, even in an HTML archive.

The only thing is, the caveat tool is not supported in the Windows operating system.

Additionally, it will not work to get a backup of private Tumblr blogs and feed-imported posts, notes, or submissions.

Just type the right username, and choose files to backup according to you.

Furthermore, it helps to create HTML files that keep store each file that is given by HTML codes.


How to recover lost Tumblr posts by Pagenest?

To recover this is also a good option. It is also a helpful or useful tool, even to create a user-friendly mirroring tool.

Its manufacturer gives focus to use this without effort.

Also, this tool is also known as website ripper, website downloader, and website copier.

Pagenest is the most popular mirroring software that helps to recover lost Tumblr posts and anything entire web pages.


How to Use Black Widow Tool to View Tumblr Deleted Posts?

This another tool is also great for recovering lost Tumblr posts, those that are deleted. 

It allows downloading and webpage mirroring, even recovering completely lost Tumblr posts, but in condition, the web page should be available.


How to use Offline Enterprise Explorer?

This enterprise explorer software provides the ability to backup and download options from websites, even Tumblr posts.


Try Email to Tumblr Customer Care to view Tumblr deleted posts?

This can be the last option for getting backup Tumblr deleting posts; just send an email to customer care.

 However, write in an email that you want a backup copy to recover deleted posts.


Note: To get back up, chances are low, but if a user explains all circumstances and is able to convince them.

Then, they may offer to back up their deleted Tumblr posts.

Visit here, Tumblr Customer care – https://www.tumblr.com/support.


Wrapping up 

As shared above many ways to get back or view Tumblr deleted blogs.

The answer is common and simple, while bloggers love to publish their content on Tumblr posts to express and share knowledge.

They can get back without any effort to recover all Tumblr delete posts.

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In this post, the first two to three methods are the easiest or smart way to view deleted blogs on Tumblr.

However, mirroring software like Cpanel, Black widow, or any other tools.

All play without effort to retrieve the lost data from online Tumblr posts.


Why Are Tumblr Accounts Deactivated?

Tumblr deactivating accounts have many causes, as it has strict laws to control the content on their posts.

In case if somebody publishes violence and breaks their rules, as well as sensitive content.

Then you can think they are not a bot, might be it can cause them to deactivate their accounts.

In addition, the accounts that have been inactive for more than a single year.

To get deactivating accountability to activate for other users to take over.

As mentioned previously, if any user publishes adult content or hate speech, it creates violence to get their suspended account.

Tumblr platform system works by human employees and robots.

These all posts divide them from matching but also allow entire content. 

Let see an example – If a user posts topless women pictures for pornographic intent, then Tumblr will delete the pictures as soon as they can.

However, if a user posts a pic related to mastectomy, then this is quite permissible for the Tumblr platform.

Why they delete, here are primary reasons to decide to take down their content or delete their posts.


Copyright content Posting

Copyright content is strictly restrict in each social media platform, which confirms the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Tumblr will take down any content that may suspect that does not belong to any users.

Although, this act comes under copyright infringement.

In case if publishers do not make money from any copyrighted content, that copyright content for free.

In this situation, a publisher creates a violation, according to DMCA.


Spam Content

If the Tumblr platform identifies the person is using a fake account and any bug,

then there is a high chance they are going to take down that account.

Additionally, if a user posts too many posts related to matched content in the row, then use many buzzwords, even posting many likes.

Those are various types of spammy example content.

Tumblr allows users to use different apps in their profiles to create other content functions.

However, not available for trustworthy apps, as they may get access to use the account for reposting or creating spam.

In case if any suspects are caught with this spam activity, Tumblr will revoke the access.


How to recover Tumblr Deactivate Account?

Generally, Tumblr has strict rules for creating restricted content, and Tumblr might occasionally flag content as inappropriate by mistake.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, they will give the account label as “Dormant” if the user doesn’t publish anything in a year.

It is possible to get an account back by just writing an email to the Tumblr support team in such conditions.

Even ask about restoring an account.

Whether they deactivate the account, there is nothing to return to them.

Although, while deleting the Tumblr account, it simply means they are going forever.

It means they will be able to restore and act faster.

Whenever a Tumblr account is delete, the remaining URL gets back for other users to take.


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