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This HP omen 24.5 monitor aspect ratio is 16:9 and resolution 1920×1080 that delivers the crystal clear picture quality.

It has 144Hz stunning detail with a refresh rate, and it will be a good choice for gamers as well as fast-moving media.

However, ultrafast 1ms of response timing allows for changing pixels.

Its colors quickly avoid streaking, ghosting and blurring in fast-moving scenes or video games.

In addition, it has 24.5 antiglare with a flat panel and widescreen LED monitor that provides larger area viewing or clear images.

While it has 170 degrees horizontal and vertically 160-degree angles.

It ensures a clear view experience on the monitor.

Also, 2 HDMI or Inputs Display port allows setting up any DVD players.

Also, AV other sources for view clear, during play the video or audio.

 It gives high-quality performance to watch.

It has 400 cd/m brightness that offers the view enhancement with lowlights.

This HP Omen 24.5 inches monitor has an amazing contrast ratio (1000:1 typical).

It also gives the higher shades of number, between white or black.

To watch anything in an accurate color view. 

Also, it is color reproduction when displaying images with extreme differences.



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Bottom Line – HP omen 24.5 monitor review

HP omen 24.5 monitor review

This HP omen 24.5 is a powerful 144Hz with a 1080p 1ms gaming monitor.

However, to check out other monitor models,

 Then this HP brand has various models with more extra features of HP monitors at the budget segment.

This HP omen 24.5 is the best affordable HP gaming monitor in 2022.


Image Quality

This HP omen 24,5 inches monitor is similar to AOC G2590FX as well as Acer KG251QF, 

It has 24.5 inches of TN panel through optronic.

Also, this monitor has a peak of 400-nits of brightness or a 1000:1 static contrast ratio.

Even to get the best performance for their users, they build in this 144Hz refresh rate with a high 1080p resolution.

However, if you consider going with another HP omen model, 


then let us give a tip: Generally, it has three different versions.

But, HP omen all various monitor models gives matching view experience. 

Similarly, due to diverse calibration panel variance and box will outer.

Compared with other HP models, differences are IPS and VA panels, and even colors are washing out.

However, this monitor model (HP omen 24.5 inches) is the best TN model.

Also, there are more noticeable improvements in the color view experience.



It is obvious for those who are pro gamers or love to play games like FPS gamers.

Then probably this HP Omen 24,5 inches monitor would not mind narrowing any view angles.

But also, it only has mediocre colors with TN panels. 

The monitor gives a 1ms of response time speed, and that’s why it can be the best deal for users.

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While playing any faster-paced games, the monitor shows no prominence. 

Nor motion of ghosting blue to move quicker objects that focus the targets.

For those who want a fast response, then this Hp omen 24.5 inches monitor will fulfil user requirements. 

It has the adjustment responding time setting in the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu.

This HP Omen monitor has five response settings that range from Level 1 (but, by default, 7ms) to level 5.

The level 5 option will introduce the overshoot, and we recommend using Level 3 to 4 to get the best results.



This HP omen 24,5 inches 144Hz has the ability to get any gaming interest features like Crosshair customization.

It has advanced technology that gives the monitor synchronizations a refreshing rate.

the compatible frame rate with the graphics card,

As a result, if users get the different refresh rates that help to get rid of in all screens of testing, 

The HP Omen 25 is over both the Display port and HDMI, and this monitor will give a great view without any issue.


HP omen 24.5 monitor review – Design & Connectivity

The HP omen design is sleek and robust, and it lacks adjustability. 

But, tilt is possible with the screen -5 degree/ 23 degree or VESA mount. Also, it has 100x100mm patterns.

The connectivity options add the DisplayPort 1.2 with Two 1.4 HDMI ports. 


Price & Similar Monitors

This HP omen 24.5 monitor price is on the budget.

But, the price is not higher (It depends on the region).

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Conclusion – HP omen 24.5 monitor review

While using this HP omen, 25 will offer great smooth performance with fast responsiveness.

It has an enjoyable, fast-paced experience for High Graphics gaming. 




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